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Win Tickets to OC13 for Your Small Group Leaders!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday October 8, 2012
<? echo $type; ?> Win Tickets to OC13 for Your Small Group Leaders!

It’s time to reward some of the people who make your job easier each Sunday, and all the days in between—Small Group Leaders! These are the folks who dream big and lead small. They invest tireless hours in the children and teens at your church: teaching lessons, praying with them, spending weekdays at their activities, communicating with parents, and trying to figure out what’s cool. (Did Justin Bieber get a new haircut? When does American Idol start again? Can someone stop calling me, maybe?)

The only thing these heroes ever ask for is your support. Well, now we’d like to give them a little something extra. We know that your budget is stretched to the max, and sometimes just getting staff to The Orange Conference can be hard enough. But, let’s face it, these guys can certainly benefit from the OC experience. So, let us help you get them to Atlanta.

Let us know why your Small Group Leaders should come to OC13 for free! Share their stories with us. And if you’ve got any photos of them in action, we’d love to see them! They mean a lot to you, so help us understand why.

Please submit all entries to OCContests@rethinkgroup.org by Wednesday, October 17 at 5 p.m., EDT. Late entries will not be accepted. Winners will be posted on the Orange Leaders blog the week of October 22.

Let’s celebrate Small Group Leaders together!

The 411: We will award up to five registrations for OC13. These may be from the same church or multiple churches. If any winners have previously registered for OC13, those registrations will be refunded. Preconference tickets are not included in this free registration giveaway for OC13. (By the way, the answers to the above questions are: No, January and yes.)

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