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YouLead Feature: Global Involvement Team Email

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday September 13, 2012
<? echo $type; ?> YouLead Feature: Global Involvement Team Email

Every month in YouLead, we provide you with email copy that you can use to inform, invest, encourage, and praise your volunteers and staff. Following is an example of the emails we write for your use and encourage you to send out on a weekly basis.

If we did an experiment and divided all the people that attend our church into a couple of groups to observe them, we’d learn a lot about why some of the happiest people here are the ones that consistently SERVE!

Group 1: Shows up for some sort of lecture-style format each week; possibly skipping worship for the sermon or attending a Bible study class with learning as the primary goal.

Group 2: Shows up for the church service each week and looks forward to the worship that fills their soul and the snacks that fill their tummy until the next meal.

Group 3:  Shows up not only to get filled themselves (with teaching and worship), but also to serve with other like-minded people.

Guess which group research shows feel HAPPIER consistently?

Group 2 will experience a short burst of happiness because of the music or food they enjoy, but this feeling will quickly fade.

Only Group 3 will experience a more powerful and longer-lasting surge to their state-of-mind; it may even last through the next day.

Serving others is as rewarding to the person doing it as it is to the person on the receiving end. So, THANK YOU for serving with us. God knows that it’s good for us—giving us a sense of purpose and being needed.

(Another research TIP: Thinking about your favorite times serving, picturing the faces and people you love to serve and/or sending them a quick email or note will also cause a flood of happy feelings throughout the week!)

*To read more, check out the Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt.

Developed by Orange, YouLead is a simple curriculum designed to develop the leadership skills of yourself, your team and your volunteers. It centers on answering three basic questions: What can I do to continue learning as a leader? How can I be intentional about connecting with my volunteers consistently? What can we do to stay on the same page as a team? We do this by creating materials that can be digested in 20 easy minutes a week.

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