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Spread the Love: Programming Multiple Service Times

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday August 31, 2012
<? echo $type; ?> Spread the Love: Programming Multiple Service Times

Orange often gets questions about programming multiple service times. Below, hear from Orange Specialist Misty Phillips about what worked for her church!

I recall heading into fall and planning for birth through grade 5 as a leader. Our team had multiple curricula going because of different service times. We were throwing Bible concepts everywhere, thinking we had a great plan because it fit the service time. After all, it was Scripture we were sharing. The service day/time was leading us, rather that the strategy leading the service times. Wow, there is a big difference. From my vantage point, it was exhausting to keep up with. It separated the team concept.

When we discovered Orange, and how we could customize it to blend and send the same key message at all service times, it was a beautiful thing. The tale no longer wagged the dog! We sent the same key message at all service times using the Word docs to edit and choose what we did where. No more mixed messages coming home! Kids and parents are now on the same page each month (age appropriate too) to reinforce themes. Hindsight is 20/20.

Take the plunge and align your ministry strategy for all service times. Use the DVDs (like Feature Presentation, Get Reel and Wonder! Look at God’s Story—simply awesome), break up the activities, add extra verses provided for these service times. The tools are there for a bigger impact. Use the Parent CUEs and sing the testimony praises with others as they come in. Part of casting vision is celebrating what’s happening with families. Being on a strategic same page enables you to do this in your age groups. Spread the love!

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