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What You're Saying About Orange Coaching

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday July 6, 2012
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“My Orange Coach was exactly what I needed to breakthrough into the next level of my leadership within the family ministry at our church! He made a significant impact in multiple areas within our ministry by sharing from his leadership experience and wisdom. I not only feel more confident with where and how I am leading the family ministry but I’ve gained a friend along the way.”  – Dustin Todd | Family Ministry Pastor at Real Life Christian Church Clermont, FL

“It is so energizing to watch the lights come on in our people, to see them get excited about things they’ve never been excited about or even given much thought to. Mindsets are really beginning to change at Friendship, and I really feel like we can go far by going Orange church-wide! This was the best, most intentional, most synchronizing thing we’ve done.” – Kim Setzer | Friendship Baptist Church, Lugoff, SC

No matter where you stand in life, there’s always someone else that’s just a little further down the road—professionally, spiritually, intellectually. Many times these are the people that you admire and aspire to be, but they are often unavailable to you. Now, imagine that you could tap into that person. He or she would be available to encourage you, offer advice, provide accountability and assist you in accomplishing your goals. The great news is that this isn’t an imaginary scenario. It’s a realistic one. It’s Coaching by Orange.

We know you want to make a difference in your church and community, but going at it alone is a tough hill to climb, and it’s one you were never meant to climb by yourself. That’s where we come in. At Orange, we believe that two influences make a greater combined impact than one can do on its own. That’s why we want to partner with you and your church to make the greatest impact in both your ministry and community. We want to come alongside you and help you accomplish God-sized goals. And we believe that Coaching by Orange can help you make all that happen.

We are all walking down the same road. Why not travel together?

When a church signs up for Orange Coaching, depending on the type of coaching service selected, we send a certified Orange Coach to your church for team consultation, or we pair up an Orange personal mentor with you for six months. Our trained Orange Coaches will:

  • Troubleshoot, train and help resolve your ministry or staff’s most pressing concerns
  • Explain and vision-cast the Orange Strategy to your staff, volunteers and parents
  • Help implement Orange curriculum in your local church context (if you  use Orange curriculum)
  • Assess your ministry environments and provide feedback to make them more effective
  • Leave you and your church with practical and applicable steps for how to implement the greatest growth and change

Your church can have the same intentional and synchronizing experience as Friendship Baptist and Real Life Christian churches. From now until July 31, 2012, Sign up for Orange Coaching and save $200 off the regular price. Plus, you’ll get five free tickets to the upcoming Orange Tour (at a location nearest you) and a FREE year-long YouLead subscription (online leadership curriculum) that can be used for up to five of  your team members.

For more information, go to www.OrangeCoaching.org and click on “Coaching Options,” or email Mark Miller at mmiller@rethinkgroup.org.

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.