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Get Coached!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday June 8, 2012
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Summer just started, but aren’t we all starting to think about the fall already? I’d guess you’ve started recruiting and placing volunteers for the fall, but have you planned your fall volunteer kick-off yet? Here’s a great idea: Hire an Orange Coach for your event.

In addition to vision-casting the Orange Strategy to your volunteers and staff, our trained Orange Coaches will:

  • Trouble-shoot, train and help resolve your ministry or staff’s most pressing concerns;
  • Help implement 252 Basics in your church context;
  • Assess your ministry environments and provide feedback to make them more effective;
  • Leave you and your church with practical and applicable steps for how to implement the greatest growth and change.

Get more information by clicking the “Sign Up” button on Orange Coaching. Complete your sign up before July 31 and save $200 off the regular price. Plus, get five free tickets to the upcoming Orange Tour location nearest you.

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