YouLead: Prioritizing Family
Orange Leaders
June 7, 2012

Our focus for this month is on the importance of making family a priority—either your own family or the families in your church. This is a principle that we’ll be revisiting quite often here at YouLead because it’s one of the foundations of the Orange strategy. We know that you lead in several ways at […]

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Our focus for this month is on the importance of making family a priority—either your own family or the families in your church. This is a principle that we’ll be revisiting quite often here at YouLead because it’s one of the foundations of the Orange strategy.

We know that you lead in several ways at any given time. You lead yourself, you lead volunteers, you might lead a staff, and often you lead up. So here’s what we have in store for you to accomplish each of these tasks:

If you’re like many of us, prioritizing your own personal development is a challenge when Sunday is always right around the corner. We all want to do it and we know that we need to, but it always seems to be the first “to do” item that gets cut. So we’ve developed leadership resources that take less than 20 minutes a week to easily fit into your busy schedule and with enough variety to hold your interest. You have 20 minutes, don’t you?

BOOK REVIEW: Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley
We wanted to get back to the basics. While this book isn’t a recent release, our team agrees that it’s had the most impact on our lives over the last decade. And several of us mentioned that this is the book we give away more than any other title. So let’s revisit what makes this a cornerstone of the movement to reprioritize family.

PODCAST: Interview with Reggie Joiner and Andy Stanley
Reggie had an opportunity to catch up with Andy and ask him some questions about the principle behind Choosing to Cheat. And there are a few surprises in here as well to help remind each of us why this is so important.

VIDEO: Interview with Reggie Joiner and Rev Run
Rev Run is a HUGE personality in the entertainment world – both for his hit TV show on MTV, Run’s House, and his musical career as part of RUN-DMC. Several years ago, he became an ordained reverend and is passionate about being involved in the lives of his kids as well as working diligently on his marriage. Reggie was able to speak with him about how and why he chooses to live his life this way—and we caught it all on film.

As ministry leaders and workers, we have a special love for Ikea. But if you’ve ever visited one of their retail locations without a list of items for your ministry environments or your next retreat, then you might have noticed that they’re extremely family-friendly. And by taking time to study what they do well, we can get ideas of ways we can communicate to the outside world that families are important to us, too.

The next item likely to get the ax on the to-do list? It’s probably the great leadership development time we’ve planned for our volunteers this coming Sunday. Even though it’ll only take a few minutes, you’re more likely to spend that time on Sunday communicating information that your team needs to know for the next hour. We get that. So we’re going to give you an opportunity to invest in your volunteers during the week with some simple emails. They’re going to look good and we’ll even do the writing for you. Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, you can change it.

WEEKLY EMAILS: Prioritizing Personal and Family Time
We realize that not every volunteer is married or has a family. So let’s change the focus slightly to include personal time. We’ll include a new message in these emails each week to highlight the idea that putting your own family, small group, and personal interests first is always a good idea.

Each week’s email is ready for you to preview in a downloadable PDF format. When you’re ready to send your message each week, just add any updates you’d like using the e-zine creator, then click send. Easy as 1-2-3.

Whether you’re leading a large staff, a few people, or are trying to lead up to your senior leadership, we’ve got something for you. We’re including another book review with this portion of YouLead because we felt that it would be a great tool to reinforce the topic we’re covering this month. Speaking of that, this month’s focus is (drumroll) . . .

Staff establishes a pro-family church culture by communicating strategically, modeling personal priorities, and reducing competing programming. (See page 96 in The Orange Leader Handbook)

BOOK REVIEW: Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof
This simple, one page review of this book is a great tool to share with your staff or team before diving into a dialogue with them. It’s an easy way to provide another resource to kick start their thought process on this topic.

CHALLENGE: Pro-Family Culture
Pull out your calendar and pick one of your upcoming staff meeting times to discuss this topic with your team. We’ve already done the legwork of brainstorming creative ideas to engage your team and questions for challenging everyone to discover how your organization can take one more step in the right direction.

SENIOR LEADERSHIP PODCAST: Interview with Carey Nieuwhof and Joel Manby
Carey Nieuwhof is the senior pastor of Connexus Community Church just outside of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. We’re pretty sure that he bleeds Orange. And Joel Manby is the president of Herschend Family Entertainment, a company with more than 2,500 employees around the United States and an annual revenue of more than $80 million. Joel has quite a story to share about nearly losing everything before he realized that he simply needed to reprioritize.

Developed by Orange, YouLead is a simple curriculum designed to develop the leadership skills of yourself, your team and your volunteers. It centers on answering three basic questions: What can I do to continue learning as a leader? How can I be intentional about connecting with my volunteers consistently? What can we do to stay on the same page as a team? We do this by creating materials that can be digested in 20 easy minutes a week. Click here to learn more about a subscription to YouLead.