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YouLead Small Group Podcast: Jason Carr

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday May 17, 2012
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Jason Carr has been working in student ministry for 16 years with some incredible organizations. For almost 10 years Jason served on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ with the student ministry called Student Venture. After 10 years on staff with Campus Crusade, Jason transitioned to a new season. In this season he continued working part time at North Point Community Church with the student ministry. He also started writing monthly for YouthWalk magazine, a publication of Walk Thru The Bible Ministries, Inc. Jason wrote monthly leader guides to help student pastors who use YouthWalk as curriculum. About 5 years ago Jason joined the full time staff at North Point Community serving with the student ministry. In his 5 years at North Point, Jason has been instrumental for helping implement and lead a new culture for volunteer leaders who serve in the ministry. Currently Jason is writing his next book called “LEGACY” which is a book about leading small groups.

YouLead Small Groups Podcast: Jason Carr

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