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Try the Full Orange Experience for FREE!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday May 8, 2012
<? echo $type; ?> Try the Full Orange Experience for FREE!

What do we mean by the “Orange Experience”? It includes the Orange Strategy, Orange Specialists, Orange Curriculum and the Orange Community.

The bottom line is that Orange surrounds you with the resources and support that you need. If you haven’t done it already, read about the “Orange Strategy” and you’ll see what we mean.

You can try one thing or try everything for free. And, if you’ve tried it before but want another look, try it again because we’re always adding new features. Choose from any of the resources here. The Orange Strategy and Orange Specialists are always included! Try it today!

If you have any questions, please call 888.513.1788 or email freecurriculum@rethinkgroup.org. This offer ends June 30, 2012.

The fine print:

Our fine print is very limited, but we do have one simple request. If you’ve used or tried either First Look, 252 Basics or XP3 curriculum within the past six months, you’ll need to select a different option(s) for free. For example, if you’ve used 252 Basics within the past six months, but do not have an active subscription, you’ll still need to choose from First Look, XP3 Students, YouLead and/or MarriedPeople.

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.