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Are You Creative? Try This Simple Test . . .

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday April 13, 2012
<? echo $type; ?> Are You Creative? Try This Simple Test . . .

If you’ve been around Orange for any length of time, you know how we love to be creative. We found this great blog post by PSYBlog about how a simple duck/rabbit illusion test can give you a window into one’s creativity. We think Orange Leaders can benefit from the novel uses test this blog offers. Check it out!

The well-known known illusion above (duck/rabbit) can be seen in two ways: as both a duck and a rabbit. Which do you see first? And if you see one, can you also see the other?

Most people see the duck first and can flip between the two representations, but the question is: how easy is it for you to flip between them? Does it require real mental strain, or can you do it at will?

Wiseman et al. (2011) had a hunch that the ability to flip between representations is related to creativity. MORE

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