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Join in the MarriedPeople Conversation at Orange 2012!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday March 29, 2012
<? echo $type; ?> Join in the MarriedPeople Conversation at Orange 2012!

Even if you are just a little “Orange,” you have probably heard about The Orange Conference coming up April 25-27. If you haven’t, you have now.

You are hearing so much about it, because in our little Orange-colored world, The Orange Conference means a lot! Orange is that time of year that we call all Oranged and non-Oranged church leaders alike, to one place to say, “What would it look like if the light of the Church (yellow) really collided with the love of the family (red) to make Orange? It’s where we celebrate what has worked and deliberate over what hasn’t.

But when it comes to the marriage portion of Orange, all us marriage people are in a little different place than the rest of Orange. Children’s and student ministries have been around for decades, while marriage ministry is in its infancy stage. Google around and see, the church is not exactly killing it when it comes to marriage ministry.

But, something is in the air. More and more church leaders are pressing the panic button when it comes to marriage saying, “We have to do something!” Which I think is great. But here is my challenge for all us marriage people at Orange. I pray we don’t press the panic button—

I pray we hit the pause button and add a word, “We have to do something—strategic.”

When we all gravitate toward one another, having conversations all over and around The Orange conference breakouts and main sessions, let’s look with eyes that ask the question, “What if we got really strategic with this thing called, Marriage Ministry?” Let’s learn from each other. Let’s charge hell with a water pistol. Let’s believe God still chooses marriage to reflect the relationship between Christ and the Church. And if that is true, here are the big questions as we gather together:

1) What are the marriages of your church saying about Christ?

2) What are the marriages of your church saying about your Church?

So, as all of us passionate about marriage find each other at Orange, I pray God would be crystal clear on how He would have the local church help marriages. If you are a person passionate about marriage, make sure you get your MarriedPeople flair, which has a picture of Mr. Cheesy Speaker at the MarriedPeople booth.

See you at Orange!

From 2001-2010, Ted Lowe worked as the director of MarriedLife at North Point Community Church. His wife Nancie played a huge role in hosting and planning MarriedLife programs at North Point. It was during their time at North Point that they decided they not only wanted to help the married people at North Point, but married people at churches all over the world. So, in partnership with Orange and church leaders everywhere, they are working fast and furiously to—HELP CHURCHES HELP MARRIAGES. They have three children: Chapman, Judson, and Teddie, and live in Cumming, Georgia. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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