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The Honor of Being Nominated

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday March 27, 2012
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We at Orange truly feel it is a privilege to share in your journey, and are always so excited to hear what’s going on in your church and community. For our last contest before OC12, we asked you all to nominate one or more people you thought deserved a free conference registration and AirTran ticket. Wow, did you share some incredible stories! Unfortunately, there could only be a few winners.

Jimmy Skeen and Kris Bourne
Jimmy is the new pastor, and Kris serves on the elder board, of a church in Washington that is at a pivotal transition in its history. They are in a position to create and sustain change in both their church and community. And they’ve got a few Orange supporters in their midst, but OC12 would definitely be a game changer for them.

Tyler Leland
We’re told Tyler is a guy who “thinks Orange” in every way. He does his best to ensure that all the kids at his church are loved and cared for before and after they are in the children’s ministry. To Tyler, there is no finish line. His friend and fellow minister, David, said he is a man after God’s own heart—a modern day David.

David Diener
One of the teens in David’s youth group along with a parent of one of the teens wrote in to tell us about David. Both of them wanted him to be inspired, refreshed and appreciated for all he has done. Kenzie, the student, said that he has helped her relationship grow with God over the past year and a half. David has served them, and taken his time and love to show them the Jesus image they should be living.

Grant Diamond
Bruce nominated his student ministry successor, Grant, so that his church could become more committed to doing “faith at home.” And while he has gone all in on this paradigm shift in transitioning their ministries from programs to being more family oriented, Bruce is excited at this opportunity so that Grant can become more equipped and continue sharing what he’s learned to create a real ripple effect.

Deanna Troyer
A dedicated volunteer in her church’s special needs ministry, Deanna was nominated by children’s mothers that she serves. They say that Deanna desires for the children to learn of Jesus, to understand how He loves them so, and continually finds ways to impart His Love to them. The growth of this ministry is through the passion and love God has placed in Deana and the volunteers for these special individuals.

Jason Sasse
Jason was nominated by the Volunteer Family Ministry Team at Community Evangelical Free Church because they want more Orange! They told us that they want more partnering with families, more impact on their community, and more of what God can do through them when they embrace a strategy to build wonder, discovery and passion in the lives of people.

These are just very small snippets of their stories, but trust us, they’re pretty remarkable. We are excited to have these folks join us, along with many of you, in 29 days for OC12!

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