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YouLead March: What are you communicating to others during a time of change?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday March 8, 2012
<? echo $type; ?> YouLead March: What are you communicating to others during a time of change?

Every month in YouLead, we provide you with email copy that you can use to inform, invest, encourage, and praise your volunteers and staff. Following is an example of the emails we write for your use and encourage you to send out on a weekly basis. Click here if you’d like to try out a free month of YouLead.

A recent study conducted by Bibb Latané and John Darley tracked the behaviors of students at Columbia University. Enlisted to complete a survey, some students were left alone, while some were in a room with other students. As they filled out their surveys, a “crisis” emerged as smoke filled the room. Of those sitting alone in a room, 75 percent got up and alerted someone about the smoke. But only 38 percent of those sitting in a group reported the smoke. The conclusion? The groups failed to respond to the crisis because they looked to others in the group for cues on how to interpret the event. When the others in the group didn’t respond to the smoke, everyone concluded that it wasn’t a big deal. (Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, p. 226)

Change can be difficult in churches and ministries. A change in service times or programming can rally a mutiny if the crowd takes cues from the wrong person. As leaders, you can be a powerful influence in how people react to changes in your ministry. Children, students, and families look to ministry leaders for assurance during transitional periods in ministry. When you rally around the change and speak positively about it, people are more likely to get behind the change and accept it. We want our volunteers to be on board when changes occur so if you’re unsure about the change or if you have questions, just ask. We’re here to support you as you help us lead and influence families.

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.