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Tips for Crafting Better Stories

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday March 6, 2012
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One of Orange’s key strategies is to refine the message to really amplify what’s important. Stories are a powerful tool in carrying a listener through a message, introducing and persuading change.

Check out “Why Stories Sell: Transportation Leads to Persuasion,” an article from PSYBLOG, and learn tips for crafting better stories by making them more engaging and persuasive.


Marketers have known for years that stories are a powerful tool for persuading people. That’s partly because stories (unlike statistics) are easy to understand.

That’s why politicians try to persuade us by telling stories about their vision of the world. They do spout statistics as well, but normally only in support of some kind of grand narrative.

We instinctively understand that people resist being told what to do, but will respond to the moral of a story. So we try to persuade each other with little stories about ‘someone we know’. Then we simplify and embellish them to make the moral clear. (MORE)

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