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What is Your Game-Changer?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday November 4, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> What is Your Game-Changer?

Everything can change in a moment—
because of a revelation
because of an experience
because of a relationship

When these happen, they can—
reshape who you are
redefine what you do
rethink how you live

It’s happened before.

A European mathematician theorized that the earth revolved around the sun.
A Mississippi musician mixed rhythm and blues with country.
Harvard students created a website to help everyone on campus connect socially.

It is interesting how—
a significant event in time can become a catalyst to change the future
a revolutionary idea can influence the mindset of an entire generation
an innovative team can make a radical impact in culture

They are called game changers.

A game changer is an event that requires you to
radically alter how you play.

If you learn to recognize a game changer when it happens
you can make the adjustment you need to be an effective leader.

The game is changing.
How we adapt is our choice.

The Orange Conference 2012 will be a gathering of leaders called to understand the changes influencing this new generation.

a new generation of parents striving
to nurture an authentic and everyday faith in their children.

a new generation of churches that desire to impact culture
with a timeless message of redemption

a new generation of children and students passionate
about discovering a better story for their spiritual and personal lives.

Join thousands of leaders endeavoring
to understand the game changers
that redefine how to play.

Are you ready to change
how you play the game?

If you’ve attended the Orange Tour this fall, you know that we’ve been asking to hear from you. We want to know: What has been a game-changer for you? Send your stories to: gamechanger@rethinkgroup.org.

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