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What Baking, Pastor Appreciation, and Sleepovers Have in Common

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday October 14, 2011
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We understand that budgets are often the determining factor in a church’s training event decisions. And we want to do what we can to help and provide ideas on how to make The Orange Conference more affordable for you and your team.

For Orange Conference 2011, we heard from several people with great fundraising ideas. Sara Kinsey baked her way to OC11. Wiley Church used appreciation for their pastor as a springboard for getting the entire church behind fundraising. From prank flamingo plantings to pies in the face, we received creative and distinctive ideas for fundraising from our partners.

Aside from personal fundraising, Orange offers a few options for saving some dough.

  • We love to learn, and we love students. If you’re a student, fax or email a copy of your current student ID for undergraduate, graduate or high school enrollment, and you’ll qualify for student pricing of $219, no matter when you sign up.
  • Throughout the year, Orange offers free conference registrations—and sometimes, free airfare tickets—through various contests. Follow @OrangeLeaders on Twitter for announcements like this one and links to contest rules.
  • We couldn’t get through The Orange Conference without stellar volunteers just like you and your staff. So, if you’d like to experience a different side of OC12 for free, consider joining our volunteer team. By the way, you can earn free registrations for your senior pastor and other key leaders by signing up a team of folks to volunteer! Sign up a group of eight volunteers and get one free conference registration. Sign up a group of 15 or more volunteers and get two free conference registrations.
  • As we get closer to April, we will again help attendees find host homes to help alleviate lodging costs. If you would like for us to help you find a host home, please contact Kristi Porter at kporter@rethinkgroup.org.

Share your ideas for affordable travel and fundraising tactics with us in the comments section!

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