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An Email Checklist

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday July 26, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> An Email Checklist

Awhile back, author and speaker Seth Godin posted a reminder blog about email etiquette. While not all of his business scenarios may fit with your ministry, some of his tips and insightful questions may help focus and clarify your email communication.

Email Checklist (maybe this time it’ll work!) by Seth Godin

Three years ago this week, I posted this checklist, in the naive hope that it would eliminate (or perhaps merely reduce) the ridiculous CC-to-all emails about the carpool, the fake-charity forwards, the ALL CAPS yelling and the stupid PR spam.

A guy can hope, can’t he?

Feel free to send this to those that need to read it.

Before you hit send on that next email, perhaps you should run down this list, just to be sure:

  1. Is it going to just one person? (If yes, jump to #10)
  2. Since it’s going to a group, have I thought about who is on my list?
  3. Are they blind copied?
  4. Did every person on the list really and truly opt in? Not like sort of, but really ask for it?
  5. So that means that if I didn’t send it to them, they’d complain about not getting it?
  6. (more)

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