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Eyes Wide Open

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday July 19, 2011
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by Dan Webster

Anthony DeMello said a while back, “Love begins with the seeing of the other.” That’s just flat out true when it comes to both identifying and calling out the best in a kid. Just let the pace of modern culture or the pressures of daily life get to you and before long you won’t even see the wonder of a kid anymore. The result—kids feel marginalized and question both their value and potential. Stop seeing kids and you can be sure that they will not become all God desires for them to be. Love allows us the vision to see the wonderful unique expression of God in each kid. Kidunique adults engage kids with eyes wide open longing to see the potential of each.

Four windows through which we see kids,

I’ve been both a parent and a mentor to those younger for a long time. Over the years I’ve noticed that when I love a kid there are four windows through which I see them. These windows unleash a powerful force for discovery in the way an adult sees a kid and the way they see us as someone who cares. Every window is a compelling lens through which we watch a kid grow.

Revelation unleashes the power of listening to God and praying for a kid.

Exploration unleashes the power of discovery.

Affirmation unleashes the power of telling a kid what’s right with them.

Observation unleashes the power of seeing a kid.

As you actively look through and understand these four windows, they will alter the relational compass in your brain concerning how you relate to kids in the future. These four windows are different lenses to peer into each moment of the day as we bump into kids. They put into action the expressions of our love. They position us around a kid so that we can gain perspective. Observation will put us right in front of a kid looking straight on and seeing what we can see. Exploration puts us right next to a kid as we inspire discovery and help process reactions. Affirmation puts us behind a kid speaking encouragement and reminding what’s right with him or her. Revelation puts us on our knees at the feet of a kid as we earnestly ask God for insight and help.

A seeing love and four simple windows are a boon for kids. Get out the windex, wipe each window clean, and get after engaging kids with a love that helps them discover who God has made them to be.

To read more about Dan Webster and the kidunique initiative check out www.kidunique.com.

Dan Webster is an author, teacher, communicator, mentor, and founder of Authentic Leadership, Inc. His passion is to train and inspire leaders to live authentic lives of great impact. For more than 30 years, Dan has worked in education, probation, and on the staff of two of the largest and most influential churches in America. Dan has been a visiting professor at graduate schools in Illinois, South Dakota and Canada. He has been married to Judy for 36 years, and has three grown sons. He currently resides in Holland, Michigan.

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