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Ten Ways to Make the Most of Family Vacations

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday July 15, 2011
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  1. Cut off from the outside world. No one is so important that he or she can’t be completely offline for a few weeks a year. Worried you will create tension with clients, co-workers, even family? Communicate with them before you leave. For instance, here is an automatic email reply: “Thanks for your email. I am with people who are more important than you. If you need immediate assistance, you’re out of luck. God bless and have a nice day!”
  2. Look at your family often, especially their faces. Life is so busy, we forget to see those we love the most.
  3. Laugh often.
  4. Use this vacation time to also take a vacation from talking about or worrying about tensions in your marriage, finances, or problems with the kids. Those things will still be there when you get home, but chances are they will seem smaller because you will be refreshed—body, soul and mind.
  5. Turn off or specifically limit electronics. We are the generation that tells those they love the most to “hold on.” Hold on to what? Use your vacation to hold on to each other.
  6. Take a vacation from a packed schedule. Don’t feel like you have to fill every moment doing something. If you like to stay up late at night, then stay up late and sleep late the next morning. Read a book. Breathe and lose track of time.
  7. Be affectionate. Hug, pat and kiss often.
  8. In an unofficial way, ask great questions: What has been your “high” so far this year? What has been your “high” so far on this trip? If you were a superhero, would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to fly? Did we mention to laugh often?
  9. If you are taking your children, use the time to connect instead of correct. Other than disrespect of others, try to avoid correcting behaviors. Use the time to just be together.
  10. Get alone with God. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. By yourself, go talk with God. Maybe get up early one morning, sit outside, go for a walk, or take a longer-than-usual shower. For the first few minutes, or maybe the entire time, just listen. Good communication is always a two-way street. Tell God what you are thankful for, and be sure to include everything you love about the people you are vacationing with. Take a break from prayers of: “God, can You fix this? Give me this. Help me with this?” Just be honest with God. Talk to Him like you want your kids to talk to you.

Too much to remember? Bottom Line: Be present. Love. Breathe. Tell God “Thanks!”

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