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Celebrate Independence Day with the Help of Apps!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday June 28, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Celebrate Independence Day with the Help of Apps!

Some smartphone apps are just plain fun, and others are efficiently practical. Sometimes, apps can be both, such as Orange’s Parent Cue app. As I was perusing the interwebs for some techy information, I began to wonder about apps centered around holidays. And since my favorite holiday is coming up next week, the Fourth of July (or Independence Day), I thought I’d try to find apps that enhance my patriotic experience. Sure enough, I found a blog post from The Unofficial Apple Weblog that lists apps—some fun, some practical, some both—for enjoying the Fourth of July.

Five App Ideas for the Fourth of July by Steven Sande, July 3, 2010

Whether you’re just hanging around your back yard, going to the beach, or waiting to set off a huge cache of fireworks, there are always a lot of fun things to do over the Independence Day holiday in the U.S. Here are some apps that can help you enjoy the fun during the holiday. (more)

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