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What to do Once a School says "YES" to Partnership!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday June 20, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> What to do Once a School says "YES" to Partnership!

by Sarah Lee and Ronda Malin

Last week, Sarah and Ronda wrote about how to gain a partnership with a local church. This week, they talk about what to do once a partnership is established.

Once you have created a partnership with your local school and they have welcomed you to produce a School XP, your opportunity has started! The link to the School XP resources through 252 Basics (coming August 1) will provide you with everything to produce an engaging assembly. You’ll find the production notes, scripts, the Bottom Line segment (this segment replaces the “Word” segment in an FX), and even links to a monthly video and value song. Even with the smaller cast (four to six actors), you can get as creative and as resourceful as you like.

Here are some details: Add music at the beginning of the production to get the students and teachers engaged and energized. Remember the room full of excited kids? Use secular songs (you can find karaoke tracks and virtue songs, both on iTunes) in these spots. If you do not have technology to put the value on a screen, enlist an art class to create a banner with the value and definition on it. You have wiggle room in the sketches as well. If the script calls for two males and a female, but you only have one male to play the part, feel free to tweak the script to two females and one male. You can enlist teachers to play parts or recruit students from the high school drama team or choir. If you do not have vocalists to actually sing the songs, you can feel free to have a class in the school make up the motions to go with the song, and teach the rest of the student body instead of singing it.

The schools we work with have decided to customize a portion of the School XP. They award their students, who have been showing the value of the month, by showing their pictures with their awards at the next month’s assembly. What a great way to pull parents into the experience as well!

Remember, it all goes back to being the hands and feet of Jesus and serving the school system. We are not going into the schools with any other motive than to love and serve. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me at sarah@oakbrookchurch.com.

Sarah leads the production of the family ministry at Oakbrook Community Church, and has partnered with schools to take that experience into the public school systems around Kokomo, Indiana. Sarah has been producing a Family Experience at Oakbrook for eight years. She is also a certified Zumba instructor! Sarah lives in Lafayette, Indiana, with her husband, Mike, and four-year-old son, Mason.

In 1985, Ronda and Mark Malin founded Oakbrook Church in Kokomo, Indiana, where she has served as the director of Family Ministry. Eight years ago Ronda and her team started 252 Basics at Oakbrook. In the last two years, God has given them the opportunity to influence the next generation via a relationship with public schools. She has led the charge taking 252 Basics into four public school systems, influencing 3,550 kids per month. Her passion for family ministry is eclipsed only by her love of her family—husband, Mark; daughters Sarah Lee, Mandy Snider, Carmen Smith; son, Jonathon; and grandson Mason.

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