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YouLead June: Invested Leader

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday June 9, 2011
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It’s likely that there are people on your ministry staff, or volunteers with your church that have untapped leadership potential. Have you spotted them? What are you doing to bring out their specific talents and roles?

Being an invested leader is more than running meetings well, juggling ministry programs, and making sure the bases are covered week in and week out. An invested leader creates environments for growth, knows their team members personally, and educates potential leaders on important church-specific principles.

During this month’s focus on invested leaders, we hope that you will take away important principles you can implement for developing those around you.

We know that you lead in several ways at any given time. You lead yourself, you lead volunteers, you might lead a staff, and you often lead up. Below, read through what we have in store for you to accomplish each of these tasks.

How does this happen every single week? Sunday just won’t slow down. But don’t allow that to interfere with the investment you make in yourself as a leader. Go ahead and grab your number two pencil to mark some personal time each week this month to invest in your own leadership development—20 minutes should do it. We’ve already got a plan for you, so making the time is the first step to accomplishing it.

BOOK REVIEW: Talent Masters by Bill Conaty and Ram Charan
Do you have a replacement plan? Do you have untapped leadership potential in your team of volunteers? In this review, you’ll take a look at some corporations that are known for creating great leaders, and the principles it takes for talent mastery.

PODCAST: Interview with Chris Lema and Matt McKee
Listen in as our very own Matt McKee chats with Chris Lema. With expertise in technology, Chris is known for his success at building, sustaining and turning around multiple companies. He’s now shifted his focus from starting his own companies to helping others launch their dreams. The key to his success: his replace yourself mentality!

VIDEO: Perry Noble from 2010
We had the privilege of hearing Perry at The Orange Conference 2010. If you don’t know who Perry is, you are missing out! He’s the Senior Pastor at NewSpring Church in North Carolina and also an incredible communicator, one who is not afraid to speak truth. Watch as he helps us understand the significance of empowering the people around us.

Though known most commonly among consumers for electronics and lighting, in the realm of their peers GE is one of the best corporations for producing great leadership. We’ll take a look at GE’s key factors in the development of their leadership-from the personal interest current leadership takes in their employees, to the value of nurturing a creative climate.

So, now that you have a plan to invest in your own leadership skills, why not make a plan to do some investing in your volunteers? Not like giving away big, fat bonus checks-we have a way to invest in your volunteers for free!
We’re going to make it very simple to become more intentional with your volunteer communication via some good-looking emails (if we do say so ourselves). We’ll even do the writing for you. Plus, you even can add your own words of wisdom to the messages.

Providing information with your volunteers that they can share with the parents of the kids and teenagers they serve will go a LONG way with your leaders. Sometimes the barrier between a volunteer and a parent is a simple lack of creative ways to connect with the parent. So, it’s time to change that.

This month we’ll be sharing fun ideas and statistics in emails that you can send your volunteers. We encourage you to challenge these leaders to turn around and share this same information with the parents of the kids and teenagers in your programs. Simple. Did we mention that already?

Whether you’re leading a large staff, a few people, or you’re trying to lead up to your senior leadership, we’ve got something for you. We’re including another book review with this portion of YouLead because we felt that it would be a great tool to reinforce this month’s topic. Speaking of that, this month’s focus is (drumroll)…

INVESTED LEADER [C2] Children and students are organized to meet with a consistent group of peers and a leader who assumes a level of responsibility for their spiritual formation.

BOOK REVIEW: Father Fiction by Donald Miller
You don’t have to be fatherless, nor be a father to glean important insights from Donald Miller’s Father Fiction. Being an invested leader includes leading in your community, and diving into social matters such as mentoring. Furthermore, Father Fiction brings to light the impact of others on our lives, and the impact we may have on someone else.

CHALLENGE: Invested Leader
We’re going to shake things up this month with your team. By switching around environments, even seating, you’ll be able to effectively illustrate how your team currently perceives volunteers. Your team will be challenged to build into leaders who might be masquerading as volunteers.

SENIOR LEADERSHIP PODCAST: Interview with Matt McKee and Carey Nieuwhof

We’re turning the tables on this one! We have had the privilege of hearing Carey Nieuwhof interview some exceptional leaders in YouLead. This month, however, we wanted the chance to hear directly from Carey. Listen in as Matt McKe interviews Carey about what it means to invest in the leaders in your own organization.

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