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Page-turners: What’s on Your Reading List?

Jennifer Wilder
Jennifer Wilder Wednesday June 8, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Page-turners: What’s on Your Reading List?

At Orange, we love books. And a lot of you Orange Leaders love books too. Some of us have reading lists—actual lists in our smart phone, moleskin or day planner. And some of us (like me) have reading “lists” in the form of books stacked beside the bed and in the living room.

Recently, I was looking for new books to read, and I started searching for lists of executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, etc. A few lists I scanned through were:

Seth Godin’s Reading List

Guy Kawasaki’s (former Apple Executive, Author) Favorite Books

Michael Hyatt’s (Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing) Daily Reading List

Oprah’s 2010 Summer Reading List

Jeff Henderson’s (Gwinnett Church) 2011 Reading List

Orange would like to know what’s on your reading list for this summer, or even for the entirety of 2011. Send us your list to orangeleaders@rethinkgroup.org and we’ll feature you and your list on our blog this month!

Get your friends involved with this too, by tweeting about this blog or posting it on Facebook!

In the meantime, keep those pages turning!

Jennifer Wilder has been with Orange for 10 years and is a digital strategy manager responsible for the Orange Leaders' social channels, as well as Orange events coverage on social.