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Your Action Steps, No. 10

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday June 6, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Your Action Steps, No. 10

At The Orange Conference 2011, participants were exhorted to make 10 moves. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll look at suggested action steps for each move. Click here for the suggested action steps for number nine. We’d love to hear your ideas too! Leave any of your suggested action steps in the comments section following the post.

10. Find a coach to help you take the next step.

• Choose a mentor from an industry outside your own.

• Establish a specific start date and limited timeframe for a coaching arrangement.

• Sign up for Orange coaching. Orange has a Coaching Initiative that helps churches make the next move, whether that’s on an individual basis or from a whole church perspective. Go to www.WhatIsOrange.org to find more information on finding a coach for you or your church.

• Select a “coach” who’s much younger to help you see from the next generation’s perspective.

• Interact with ministry peers at OrangeLeaders.com or www.WhatIsOrange.org/YouLead.

• With your coach, identify strategic action points to do “something more” in key areas of your life.

• Find a coach who will encourage your strengths and help you navigate your weaknesses.

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