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How to: Become Valuable on Twitter (Top 10 ways)

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Orange Leaders Tuesday May 31, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> How to: Become Valuable on Twitter (Top 10 ways)

This week I read the following 17 Twitter Tips from a social media specialist who attended a conference hosted by Mashable.


  • 1) @jeffpulver, Casting Director, #140conf: “The secret to Twitter is to listen, connect, share and engage. It’s the conversations that matter.”
  • 2) @davepeck, Director of Community, Meshin: “Respond to everybody, positive or negative.”
  • 3) @michiganflavor, COO, MIFlavor.com: “Retweet, retweet, retweet. People love to see their stuff retweeted, and they’ll start retweeting you.”
  • 4) @shrmsocmedguy, Social Media Strategist, Shrm: “Use your tweeting to set up meetings.”
  • 5) @dstatusstalker, Chief Status Stalker, Status Stalker: “Start a conversation. Reach out to others, and say hello.”
  • 6) @kratzpr, Founder, Kratz PR: “Don’t think of it as a tool, think of it as a gateway for being social.”
  • 7) @ctreada, CEO, Notice Technologies: “Ignore it; they’re all pornographers anyway.” (Chris’s other tip: “Chill out.”)
  • @jkrohrs, VP of Marketing, ExactTarget: “Don’t tweet if you can’t spell.”
  • 9) @moniguzman, Director of Outreach, Intersect: “Tweet what comes naturally. Don’t try to fulfill someone else’s expectations.”
  • 10) @shashib, Social Media Swami, Network Solutions: “More than an RSS feed, connecting with people on Twitter gives you interesting content that is validated by them.”
  • 11) @jennydevaughn, Director, Social Strategy, @HODES: “You need to have brand sacrifice if you want to be viewed as an expert in your field. Only tweet about 10 topics, events or ideas.”
  • 12) @robkey, CEO, Converseon: “Embrace your insignificance.”
  • 13) @zagrrl: VP Technology, Innovation Center for US Diary: “The best way to learn is to share.”
  • 14) @heidiotway: VP & Director Social Media, Salter Mitchell: “Follow the best, learn from the best.”
  • 15) @jonnorp, Director of Social Media, American Airlines: “Remember that it flies forever.”
  • 16) @chrisvary, Director of Emerging Technology, Weber Shandwick:“Don’t connect your Twitter to Facebook.”
  • 17) @joeyinteractive, Interactive Creative Director, Disney Parks:“Marketing doesn’t spread; stories do.”

via mashable.com

How then do you become Valuable on Twitter?

Let’s break down the best overall advice in a top 10 ways to become valuable on Twitter:

1. Be Friendly – Don’t be a jerk. You can give your opinion but be respectful. You may get attention for a brief moment but it won’t pay off in the end.

2. Be Human – Even in your brevity, add personality into it. You are not a robot. Don’t act like one. People want to relate to people.

3. Focus – Pick your top topics not all your topics. Keep your community informed with what you are compelled with the most.

4. Don’t Over-think it – Don’t be afraid that you are going to mess up. You will then mess up.

5. Tell a Story – Don’t sell me your product. Tell me your vision and strategy on why your product, belief or service exists.

6. Reach out to People – Even those that you disagree with have value. Choose to interact and not just broadcast.

7. Have a purpose – Don’t tweet about food unless you are a foodie. Don’t drop the F-bomb just because you can.

8. Respond, Respond, Respond – If someone has taken the time to engage with you then do what you can to respond.

9. Remember that it is Public – Don’t blast your boss, your spouse, or your kids. There is a better way than Twitter to do that.

10. Follow the Best People – Learn from and interact with the best people you can. You now have access that you never had before.

What did I miss?  What would your top 10 things be to become valuable on Twitter?

By the way, you can interact with me on twitter: https://twitter.com/mattmckee

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