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Your Action Steps, No. 8

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday May 30, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Your Action Steps, No. 8

At The Orange Conference 2011, participants were exhorted to make 10 moves. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll look at suggested action steps for each move. Click here for the suggested action steps for number seven. We’d love to hear your ideas too! Leave any of your suggested action steps in the comments section following the post.

8. Meet with your team strategically at least once a month.

• Agree to work as one team to manage an overall strategy across all age groups.

• Specify a primary leader to facilitate the family ministry team and ensure constant alignment.

• Take out your calendar and eliminate competing events and processes.

• Devote off-site meetings or designated times to work through critical issues affecting family ministry.

• Have your team learn from an outside organization once a month.

• Read a book together as a team.

• Measure progress horizontally across steps instead of in vertical silos.

• Utilize Orange resources like Think Orange, The Orange Leader Handbook, Move, Orange Conference 2010: Collide and Orange Tour Volume 1.

• Subscribe to YouLead or purchase one of the past issues: Creating Family Experiences or Focused Message.

• Make OrangeLeaders.com your home page.

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