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Your Action Steps, No. 4

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday May 16, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Your Action Steps, No. 4

At The Orange Conference 2011, participants were exhorted to make 10 moves. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll look at suggested action steps for each move. Click here for the suggested action steps for number three. We’d love to hear your ideas too! Leave any of your suggested action steps in the comments section following the post.

4. Put a consistent small group leader in the life of every kid or student.

• Champion small groups as the primary environment for relationship and spiritual growth.

• Restructure small groups so that leaders stay with the same group of students for every year of high school.

• Partner a high school apprentice with an adult leader for each children’s small group.

• Make sure main stage communication sets up discussion in small groups.

• Include parents in embracing the importance of small groups and small group leaders.

• Encourage student small group leaders to “graduate” with their high school seniors and mentor those students through their freshman years of college.

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