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Your Action Steps, No. 2

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday May 9, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Your Action Steps, No. 2

At The Orange Conference 2011, participants were exhorted to make 10 moves. Within each of the 10 moves are a series of action steps. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll look at each of the 10 moves and their corresponding action steps. Click here for the action steps for number one.

2. Create more opportunities for students to serve.

• Take a teenager to coffee and ask him/her what their dreams are to change the world.

• Do monthly community cleaning and trash pickups, prepare dinners for local homeless shelter or arrange weekly visits to retirement homes.

• Encourage business leaders to mentor students who want to develop social service projects.

• Ask other ministries in the church if students can serve in their ministry, and make sure the responsibility is real.

• Train adult leaders to apprentice kids and students in specific areas of ministry.

• Expect students to attend leadership training for their area of service, not just student-oriented leader meetings.

• Allow students to serve the needs of the adults in the church congregation.  (i.e. mow lawns, babysit, landscape, and help move.)

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