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Cue the Parents!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday May 3, 2011
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Do you have any parents in your ministry who are busy? Maybe a better question is: Do you know any parents who aren’t busy? Most parents want to connect with their kids regularly, but just don’t know how to make the time to start those conversations. What if you could cue parents each day to make spiritual conversations a part of their daily routine?

With the Parent Cue app, you can!

The Parent Cue app provides videos, music, and discussion starters specifically designed for Drive Time, Meal Time and Hang Time. Plus, a new Parent Time full of resources to enrich each parent in your ministry. The app also provides a weekly plan so that each day parents are cued with a new tool to connect with their kids.

A preview version of Parent Cue is available for free in the App Store. Later this month, an update will be available that completes the app, fixes the bugs, and makes the videos load faster. Also, Parent Cue will be available for Android later this month.

So, get ready to announce this great new tool to your parents at your June FX or your first Sunday service in June. Your families will want this tool for the summer and beyond!

For updated information on the Parent Cue app, and for further insights into 252 Basics and children’s ministry, checkout the 252 Basics blog at https://252blog.com/.

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