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Last Minute Fundraising Ideas to get you to Orange!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday April 1, 2011
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A Few Extra Ideas for Good Measure
We also received a few fundraising ideas from people who just wanted to throw out some other options for our Orange family. Enjoy!

Luci W., Dudley Baptist Church

Here is our Camp KidJam fundraiser:

Behind the idea:
In our 252 FX scripts there are times that call for a “Pie in the Face.” Well, we have tried that RediWhip pie and the truth is it just goes flat! So, what really goes into a good pie in the face? After a little research, I found a few recipes and decided we need to test these to see which one works best.

How to test?
All of the FX crew, children’s team, and small groups leaders and KidsROCK team are taking the opportunity to test out the pies. One by one adults are pummeled with different pies testing all of the categories. Messy, fun, and of course, on video! But that gets one to thinking in other directions—what about as a fundraiser?

A Fundraiser?
Let’s take our video and use it to promote a fundraiser! On the fifth Sunday of each month we have a Hotdog Social. During the Hotdog Social we will have a “Hot Seat” in a pool on a large tarp. Our team will be selling pies for $5 or more, each to be thrown in someone’s face, our VIP. The VIP will be led to the hot seat, outfitted with protective gear and then given the opportunity to receive the pie in the face OR to buy it back for twice it’s original price. Now our thought, and hope, is that many people will decide to get together to purchase a pie for much more than $5. For example, lots of the youth could get together to pie the Youth Minister for—let’s say—$200. The YM can receive the pie or pay, or raise the funds to pay, twice that to not receive it. What about others like deacons, small group leaders, the senior pastor? All have the potential to raise lots of money for a pie in the face!

Gerald D., Morrision Height Baptist Church

There was a young person a few years ago who placed flamingos in people’s yards and would remove them only if there was a donation to whatever organization. They could contact the person fundraising and after the donation, or refusal to donate, they could ask for the flamingos to be moved to another “friend’s” house.

Sher F., Lifepointe Church

The men in the church could grow muttons for donations! Check it out: www.muttons.org

Jordan D., Australia

Our church has a long driveway with bushes on either side of the drive. Children and youth are going to line the driveway (in the bushes), each holding buckets of mud. As parents come down the driveway (to a family barbecue), their cars are doused with mud–leaving them with two options: have a dirty car, or donate toward the nicely (and conveniently situated) car wash at the church while the barbecue is on. Of course, you’d have to be careful with who you do it to, but knowing the families in our church, this would go down in the books as a hoot!

Hopefully these ideas will inspire those of you who may also have financial restraints, and provide you with ideas to help get to the conference. We’d love to see you all there in just four short weeks!

Again, thanks so much to all of you who submitted your fundraisers to us. They’re brilliant ideas and we sincerely hope they raise lots of money!

And if you’ve got other ideas, we’d love to hear them! Please list them in the comments section below.

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