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Whatever It Takes Book Study—Part 5

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday March 30, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Whatever It Takes Book Study—Part 5

If you are just joining us as we read through <a href="Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2, as well as Part 3.

What Does It Take For You?
Harlem Children’s Zone and the Promise Academy helped start a conversation on the issues surrounding education and the achievement gap in poor, underprivileged communities across this country. Geoffrey Canada had a vision for the neighborhood he grew up in, and now he’s planting that vision in similar communities across the United States. Canada started something—and it’s his hope that the success his programs had in Harlem will be exceeded as they’re replicated and transforming neighborhoods across the country in the future.
So what will it take for you? How can we, as the church, maximize our influence to reach the next generation? How can we equip parents and leaders to work together to teach spiritual truths? How can we be confident that our mission and vision is communicated to our kids, students, parents and communities?

Hungry For More?
Check out the Harlem Children’s Zone’s website at www.hcz.org.
And to hear Geoffrey Canada LIVE, don’t miss The Orange Conference (April 27-29, 2011) www.whatisorange.org/orangeconference. Canada will be one of the featured keynote speakers—you won’t want to miss listening to and catching this man’s passion for his vision!

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