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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand…Dollars?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday March 18, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> A Picture’s Worth a Thousand…Dollars?

Becoming the Face of a Fundraiser
These two guys went the extra mile on their fundraisers with a little Photoshop action. Their ideas only go to prove that the sky’s the limit when it comes to fundraising; you only need computer software to get you there!

Jason F., Markle Church of Christ
I put together a flyer to give to my elders here at church, trying to convince them to shell out the money for The Orange Conference. I didn’t think I’d have trouble convincing them, but I decided to go the extra mile to make sure I’d get to be able to attend! And yes, I actually put my face on a homeless guys body… Can’t wait for the conference!

Steve C., RCC Student Ministries
Picture this… I get several hundred oranges and sell them for a $2 each. I could go to sporting events, theater productions, and the mall parking lot. I would wear one of those sandwich boards and dress like Lanny Donoho’s orange Avatar. I could even sell orange juice or smoothies. I only need to sell about 500 oranges!

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