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Who Won Free Tickets?

Kristi Porter
Kristi Porter Tuesday March 1, 2011
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And the Winner is….

Several weeks ago we asked you to submit the fundraisers you are currently involved in (or plan on doing) before The Orange Conference in April. We promised the winner two free AirTran tickets! The submissions were fabulous, inspiring, funny, sweet and creative. We loved all the effort and energy! But in the end, unfortunately, there can only be one winner. But we will showcase all the rest of the submissions and ideas on Fridays this month so you can be inspired and encourage them.

So… a big congratulations to Emily H. from Trinity Church! Here was what she submitted to win:

My husband and I have been trying everything to raise money to attend The Orange Conference.

Fun-Fundraisers (upcoming):

o We thought of having an Orange-throwing contest. You set up targets in a park or in a farmer’s field (we live in Lubbock, TX…lots of fields) for people to aim for. Some of the targets have quotes from Orange such as: “2 combined influences make a greater IMPACT than just 2 influences” Some targets have baskets with CUE boxes to give away or Rethink music CD’s. Give 2 oranges for a dollar and have at it! Our church is located off of a highway and we have a football field next to our church-so we have a good location to attract attention.

o Set-up a freshly-squeezed orange-juice stand and homemade “Orange dreamcicle” ice cream to sell. Even in the cold weather people crave ice-cream.

o We also had the idea of having Orange-paint wars! We set up in the church parking lot an obstacle course with barriers (old trash cans, boxes) and charge $5/ for 3 balloons filled with orange water-soluble, washable paint (like for finger painting). Dress people in plastic protective suits and goggles and let them play “balloon paint-ball.” People love throwing stuff at each other!

Some other things we have done (the last few months and on-going):

o It is taking great steps of faith to believe God wants us at this conference. My husband and I have worked in Children’s ministry for 7 years now. So, we wrote letters to our church family informing them about the mission of Orange and asking them to invest in our church ministry and families by helping us financially or sponsoring us to be further trained, encouraged, and supported in the ORANGE philosophy of ministry.

o We also put everything we could up “For Sale”. Some of what we sold: my husband’s drum set, our laptop computer and printer, gaming consoles, and furniture. We even put our King-size bed up for sale. “Who needs a bed when you can go to ORANGE and be changed to impact lives!” At least, that is what we are telling ourselves. 😉

Lots of Faith-building…but I cannot wait to use this as a part of our testimony! Thank you and many, many blessings! – Emily Hart, Trinity Church

Kristi Porter is a writer and consultant for nonprofits and for-profit businesses with a social mission, primarily in the areas of copywriting, marketing and business communications. Find her online at www.signify.solutions, or offline at the movie theater.