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Best. Breakout. Ever.

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Orange Leaders Friday February 11, 2011
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This week, Gina McClain told about how sometimes she and her husband watch that Food Network show: Best Thing I Ever Ate. “Not sure why. Personally I think it’s torture to watch someone talk about an amazing food that would require a plane ride to enjoy.

I guess, in a sense, I’m doing the same thing today. Sharing with you my favorite breakout session from past Orange Conferences could evoke some frustrations knowing that it might require a plane ride for you to enjoy it. However… the plane ride is worth it.

Every year that I attend Orange I attend a Jeanne Stevens breakout. No matter the topic. I know it will be great. I simply love to hear Jeanne’s approach to the things God leads her through. Jeanne is a Christ-follower, a parent, a church leader… these are roles I can identify with.

Last year’s session was on “Pushing through Resistance in Ministry”. You can read more of my live notes here. Here are a few of my favorite take-aways:

*Resistance in ministry is one of the greatest challenges to overcome. Facing resistance is inevitable. Question is, how does God want you to lead through it?

*Conflict is necessary for a healthy team dynamic. If you push it down, it’s like a beach ball in water… it’s going to pop up somewhere else.

*Leaning into conflict releases greater impact and potential for your team. Conflict is critical.

*Find the task a volunteer can do 60 -70% as well as you can. Empower them to do it and grow into the challenge. Paint the vision for that task and let them grow into that.

Jeanne Stevens will be back at Orange Conference 2011. She’s worth the plane ride. Register today.”

Sometimes your favorite breakout may catch you by surprise– listen to what Dan Scott shares on his blog:

In preparation for Orange 2010 last year, I wrote this about a breakout Jenna and I attended at Orange 2009.

Last year this happened during pre-conference. My wife and I were assigned to an Orange Consentrate, a whole day with Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jutila. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing against Craig, the man is great, but a whole day?! I wasn’t thrilled.

I introduced him, took a seat in the back of the room, and figured I’d just grin and bear it.

But then I heard their introduction. The Jutilas team-taught a session on burnout and self-care for ministry leaders and their spouses. This was exactly what we needed to hear! My wife and I soaked it in and had a great conversation afterwards. It was the best thing we heard all week. Good thing God has our back.

View full post here.

Two years later, I still look back at this breakout as a pivotal moment in my personal development. I needed to hear about taking time to rest and Sabbath. Since then, I’ve worked harder at creating a weekly rhythm that includes a day to do (almost) nothing with regards to church work. Jenna has been so encouraging in helping me stick to the rhythm. Sure, ministry is ministry and some weeks fill up with unexpected responsibilities, but overall we’re “getting there” when it comes to rest.

They also discussed the need for surrounding yourselves with people who invest back into you. This was definitely the most challenging to implement. Thankfully, just this past Fall we entered into a small group community that has been the breath of fresh air that we needed. They challenge us to be better while caring for us with such love and grace. We’re so thankful.

I’m really looking forward to Orange 2011. I know that God will meet me with another challenge to help make me into the person he desires.

What’s been the best breakout you’ve ever attended at Orange or another conference? What made it significant?

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