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Orange Season-ing this Week!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday February 8, 2011
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This week, several of us in the kidmin and stumin blogosphere will be going Orange! If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you need to check out WhatisOrange.org and find out about a philosophy of ministry that seeks to combine the influences at home and influences at church to connect kids and families to a life transforming relationship with God. I’d also encourage you to check out the ElementalCM book blogging project on Think Orange, the book which outlines the Orange philosophy. (Read more from Henry Zonio at www.elementalcm.com)

JC shares… I love to grill. Absolutely love it. If you grill and add any kind of marinade or sauce, then you know the power of Zest. It’s used in baked items, marinades, sauces and even some firewater

The cool thing to me is how such a small portion of the entire thing is such an incredible source of taste and aroma. Seriously, your dishes change when you add some zest.

Well I’m going to tell you about something that might be the zest that you need in your ministry. We all need that extra pick me up, encouragement, challenge or conversation that propels us to the next level. This opportunity could be it for you.

This week around the children’s/students/preteen blogging community you will see an array of posts about something we like to call Orange Week. It’s a way for us to promote something that we all believe can make a huge difference in your life or ministry and that’s The Orange Conference. It’s a 3 day event that could change the way you do ministry, literally.

This week you will see some personal highlights from the Orange Conference and I hope to hear some from you as well. Honestly, I think you should clear out your schedule to go. I really believe that the philosophy itself is enough reason to go to this conference.

But here are a few others in no particular order.

Incredible Speakers & Artists
Awesome Workshops
Conversations that you might not have anywhere else

Seriously, you need to come. I will be pitching hard this week to try and sell you on it. If you are on the fence then I challenge you to show up everyday this week to hear from someone who has experienced Orange and the impact it is making on them years (2 to be exact) later.

If you are already convinced then click here to register for the Orange Conference. The Early-Bird rate expires February 17th, so save some cash and sign up today. (Read more about Preteen Ministry and other stuff at jcisonline.com)

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.