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Have You Defined a CLEAR WIN?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday February 3, 2011
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We’ll be tackling the category of strategy again this month. This is really the foundational principle of Orange (that’s why we often refer to these collective principles as the “Orange Strategy”). And the first task any team should tackle when evaluating their strategy is to ensure that their goal is specific and measurable—we call this idea establishing clear wins. These wins should be the driving force behind all decisions within an organization. And individually, it’s important to establish personal goals and create a plan of action to accomplish them. At times, it can seem overwhelming when you try to mix these goals and plans with the rest of “life.” So we’ll also be discussing some ideas to simplify goal setting and achieving this month.

We know that you lead in several ways at any given time. You lead yourself, you lead volunteers, you might lead a staff, and you often lead up. So here’s what we have in store for you in our premium YouLead content. We will follow also be talking about the same topic here on the always free Orange Leaders blog. If you have the Orange Leader Handbook– this focus is from p. 47 – Clear Wins.

A BOOK REVIEW on Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy.
Ignore the name. And get the image out of your head. This is a GREAT book about how to effectively get things done and avoid procrastination. You’ll want to take notes.

A PODCAST Interview with Matt McKee and Scott Belsky.
A few months ago we did an online book study about Making Ideas Happen and had great participation from our readers! This month we get to hear directly from the author, Scott Belsky, about the principles in his book.

A VIDEO of John Ortberg.
John’s simply brilliant. He’s a great leader and he’s figured out how to invest in his staff in a way that empowers them to take charge of their goals.

A REAL LIFE Case Study of Best Buy.
Not only does Best Buy have a great retail philosophy, they also have great principles working throughout their corporate structure. We’ll take a look at specific ways the leadership at Best Buy empowers their employees to create their own work structure, goals, and schedule.

We’re including another book review with this portion of YouLead because we felt that it would be a great tool to reinforce this month’s topic.

BOOK REVIEW: The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy
We’ll be honing in on specific chapters in Tony Dungy’s latest release. This former NFL coach is a gifted leader who set clear expectations and goals for his team—on and off the field. We’ll learn about how Tony communicated his wins and ensured that his team remained focused on them.

A CHALLENGE for your next big meeting:
Pull out your calendar and schedule an upcoming staff meeting to discuss this topic with your team. We’ve already done the legwork of brainstorming creative ideas to engage your team and questions for challenging everyone to discover how your organization can take one more step in the right direction. Won’t it be great to have a strategy for the time that you spend with these great folks?

Last but not least, a SENIOR LEADERSHIP PODCAST Interview with Matt McKee and Jace Rhee.
Jace works with Coca-Cola Corportation in their marketing department. Specifically, Jace is responsible for all of the messaging that goes out to the corporate clients of Coke. So he knows a thing or two about have a clear message and communicating it in an effective way. Without clear goals, your message isn’t living up to it’s full potential.

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