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Bake Your Way to Orange 2011

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Saturday January 29, 2011
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“I loved ORANGE Tour so much and was disappointed when Reggie gave away the conference passes! I was off by 30 pages on the Think Orange page guessing game!

SO on a much happier note, I did want to share with you that I am SO excited about the Orange Conference and want to go so badly that I am going to BAKE MY WAY there! Our church budget will not allow us to attend this year, but I think that we could learn so much… SO, me + my awesome (make yo booty grow) cinnamon rolls (produced in mass quantities) will hopefully = my trip and maybe even someone else’s to ORANGE Conference 2011!

Love the work you all do!” – Sara

(PS- Don’t forget about to try and be entrepreneurial yourself! What special gifts and abilities do you have? Whether it’s a car wash or a custom t-shirt fundraiser, what can you do to think outside of the “budget bubble”? Need some more inspiration? You can still order some of Pastor Nolan Hing’s prize “Broke Da Mouth” Onolicious Oriental Dressing here. What will you come up with? Let us know and we might feature you right here on Orange Leaders!)

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