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The Orange Revolution-Part 3

Bre Hallberg
Bre Hallberg Wednesday January 26, 2011
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As we wrap up our discussion of the Orange Revolution, I wanted to highlight just a few things.  If you are just joining us, you can catch up by reading part 1 and part 2.

101 Ways to Bring Your Team Together…

So we have talked about building your team and meeting with your team. So how about 101 no nonsense, practical ideas to bring your team together?

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • At the end of the day, take a moment to gather the team and write down three things that went right.
  • The next time a teammate makes a mistake in an effort to move forward in unfamiliar territory…thank them!
  • Kick off a staff meeting by asking each person to brag about one of their achievements from the previous seven days.

How do you bring your team together?

Their Orange verses Our Orange…

While Gostick and Elton describe their Orange as the overall characteristics, rules and behaviors of great teams…they do give a few insights that may help you understand our Orange strategy, especially when it comes to keeping your family first, while building a great team!

Wow your family!

Impressing our families and the members of our other personal teams serves two important purposes. First, it keeps us from getting sidetracked and unconsciously derailing our primary goals. Second, it measurably boosts our personal-team performance and commitment.

It’s a matter of priorities.

Only 3 percent of families read together and just 2 percent help each other with homework.  Yet the strongest families use their time together wisely.  They take walks, support each other at their sporting or music events, talk daily about their challenges and successes, play games, learn new things, and so on.

As important as it is to build your team, how well are you keeping your priorities straight?

We could learn a lot from birds…

Do you know why birds fly in a V formation?  Apparently it reduces their heart rate and decreases the air resistance than when they fly alone.

This is worth thinking about!  Building teams and meeting consistently is crucial to the health of your ministry!

So what’s your next step? Did you learn something else that you want to share?

Bre Hallberg has been in ministry for 15 years. She began her career by helping start a church plant in Orlando, Florida, and has been on staff at Orange for almost eight years. She’s works primarily with Orange’s leadership resources and helping churches implement the Orange strategy. She still lives in sunny Florida with her husband, two kids, and giant great dane, named Hazel.