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Use Technology, TokBox or Skype, at your next Meeting

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday January 11, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Use Technology, TokBox or Skype, at your next Meeting

Since we are talking about the importance of meetings this month, I thought it only appropriate to write about how to leverage technology for this.

I’m a big fan of face to face (short) meetings, but not all meetings can be this way. At Orange, we have an all staff meeting that happens every week. But some of our people don’t live locally. Sometimes people are scattered all over the nation and sometimes the world. Then technology steps in and we are able to conference with each other and keep each other up to speed. What happens though when you want more than a conference call and most of your people are not in the same office? Video conferencing steps in like a champ.

There are many options that have come around the last couple of years that do video conferencing but my favorites still are Skype and Tokbox.

*I really like to use Skype to do video conferences when it comes to 10 people or less. Why 10 people or less? Skype has put that limit as 10 at this point. Skype group calling also cost a monthly fee. It’s not that much, but still it isn’t free.

*This is why I use Tokbox more and more. Tokbox gives you the ability to bring up to 20 people into a video conference for free. There is no download like Skype and it is very easy to use.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think Skype does a better job overall but it’s hard to beat the price and ease of use of TokBox.

The next time that you want to have a “face to face” meeting, but can’t get everyone in the same room then look into Tokbox. It’s a creative way to use technology and bring people into the conversation better than traditional conference calls.

We want to show you how this works and how easy it is to use, so we are setting up a Tokbox conversation for the end of the month. We will be taking questions and giving answers. Stay tuned for more information.

By they way, Skype also has an iPhone app that let’s you video call from your phone. If you have an iPhone, go get it and don’t forget to download the OrangeLeaders iPhone app as well!

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