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Vote on the Most Original Place to hold a Meeting

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday January 10, 2011
<? echo $type; ?> Vote on the Most Original Place to hold a Meeting

So we had 3 great responses to our Most Original Place that you’ve ever had a Meeting Contest. Help us by voting for your favorite today. Put your top pick as a comment below. The winner gets a free copy of the Orange Revolution, a book we’re reviewing here on the blog and in our premium, You Lead content this month. Good luck to all and happy voting!

#1- VICKI– We like to get off site to get the creative juice flowing some times. For our 2011 planning day we went away to Look Up Lodge, a great christian camp that offers free meeting space for churches during the week. What makes it so original is that we always try to put some fun into our meetings and because we had a whole day did some team building during the day and sat down after dinner to plan out our year. As we began to dream big God sized dreams (without the looming budget in mind) and think outside the box, we heard the winds picking up outside. Within 10 minutes, the director came in and said we were under a tornado warning and to seek shelter in the adjoining room if it picked up. Within 5 minutes the wind sounded like a freight train, the lights flickered and went out, and the door began to pull itself open. TORNADO – so off we go to the adjoining room where we sat it out for 1/2 hour. No one was hurt and the damage down to the facility was not significant. Team building to the extreme with the some great planning thrown in. Original – I think so.

#2 AJACK- My team and I started off the year with a meeting at one of Chicago’s finest improv comedy clubs. I gave all my volunteers a list of the “rules” to improv and then asked them to watch for them throughout the evening. The purpose was to brainstorm how the rules of an improv team translate to leading a small group. You’ve got to know how to improv when leading 12 middle school boys through a Bible study.

#3 JC– I’m a meeting location nerd. Here goes:

Bridal Room. If you’ve never had a meeting in a room full of wall-sized mirrors…

Entry Foyer into Church. (That room before you actually get into the carpeted foyer space.) It had windows. I needed sunshine for the meeting, and it’s all I could find.

Sanctuary Stage. It was fun to sit in an auditorium of 1,700 seats with nobody there on the stage with lights on.

Nursing Mother’s Room. This is my prefered seating place. It has TV’s, comfortable rocking chairs, and is dimly lighted. We ignore the changing table, and crib.

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