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December Podcast – Carey Nieuwhof & Jeff Hinebaugh

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday December 16, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> December Podcast – Carey Nieuwhof & Jeff Hinebaugh

Get your iPod ready for your upcoming road trip with the family! Add this to your podcast category and get a little leadership training to ponder over vacation! Listen in as Carey Nieuwhof speaks with Jeff Hinebaugh about how individual families can create intentional and consistent family times around something as simple as board games. Go ahead, dust off the Scrabble box, pack it in the car for your family vacation, and start enjoying more time with your family! We’re talking about the importance of Consistent Family Experiences in YouLead this month, and Jeff has some great insight into this concept. Listen in (Length: 15:40)….

This podcast is part of the STAFF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT section of YouLead. YouLead is a monthly leadership development curriculum to enhance your personal leadership skills as well as those of your entire team! Check it out here.

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