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Christmas Cheer for Volunteers?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday December 3, 2010
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It’s that time of year again- everyone in ministry is on the hunt for the perfect (and cheap and easy) way to appreciate their amazing volunteers! A few years ago, we took pictures of our kids and their leaders, had them printed in sepia and then put them in holiday photo cards. That was a hit, but Northpoint -like usual- has come up with even more ways to take loving on those that serve so faithfully to new levels. Not only did they take the picture with every child in the room wearing a Christmas hat, they’ve even put Christmas socks on the babies’ feet!

Here’s just a few of the fun and creative ideas they shared for our Friday Favs- to read them all, just click here.

*Do you have some talented musicians with a single or a CD you could give away and that your volunteers would know personally? (Or how about an artist in your church that might design you a special card front that you can send?)

*They invite their volunteers to a progressive dinner/potluck held in the hall or area of where they serve. Every volunteer team provides a certain type of food and sets up their room. Then all of the volunteers travel room to room to eat. They even eat at the little tables and chair.

*The favorite thing they do that everyone wants again and again is on the last Sunday before Christmas, each staff or key team person makes four or five batches of their favorite or signature homemade treat. Then they put them out at breakfast on Christmas plates with a little sign that says “From the Kitchen of…..” and what it is.

*They’ve brought in Cinnabons and set up a coffee “barista” station with a bunch of different creamers to mix it up. Or how about a gingerbread house-making competition?

*This year they are having a “date” night themed party. Northpoint staff will give volunteers a few questions to talk about (mostly about favorite Christmas memories) on the drive to the party. Once they get there, we will take their picture — because everyone is going to be dressed up as their favorite couple — Mr. and Mrs. Clause, Ketchup and Mustard, etc. They will be served popcorn and a soda,then watch Elf together.

So… what would you add to this list? Share your ideas or plans here.

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