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Six Ways to Save at Orange

Monday November 22, 2010
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Whether you are a coupon clipper, bargain shopper, or just plain ‘ole cheap, we understand how important it is to pinch your pennies. Proper planning will not only prevent poor performance, but it will save you a buck, or two (or more)! That’s why we want to give you plenty of time and ideas for ways you can join us for the Orange Conference this coming April!

So let’s take “money” off the table of excuses and put it back in your pocketbook with these cost saving and fundraising tips for you.

1. Two words: Vacation Rental. Believe it or not but you and your entire team can stay in the comfort of a fully furnished home for a fraction of the cost of several hotel rooms. Don’t believe us? Here’s a little proof in the pudding: https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p237529#photos-bar

2. AirTran Airways is offering a 10% discount to qualifying airfares to get to the Orange Conference. Check out our hotel and travel information for details on how to save on your airfare.

3. VOLUNTEER@ORANGE! It costs absolutely nothing to volunteer (well, except for your travel and hotel). But really, we’ve got your inside access pass to all things Orange when you volunteer…AND we’ll give you a conference t-shirt and make sure you are well fed when you are working.

4. Share. Yes, the lessons of dear ‘ole mom still hold true today. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you can share a shuttle, a rental car, or a hotel room with others who also want to save some cash. (Don’t forget that Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a discount during the Orange Conference rates too!)

5. Be resourceful. Ask friends and relatives to help you cover your expenses with hotel rewards points or frequent flyer miles. You might be surprised by how others want to help you invest in yourself so you can invest in others.

6. Be entrepreneurial. What special gifts and talents do you have that God is just waiting for you to put in motion? Whether it’s a car wash or a custom t-shirt fundraiser, what can you do to think outside of the “budget bubble”? Need some inspiration? Pastor Nolan Hing decided to bottle up his prize “Broke Da Mouth” Onolicious Oriental Dressing and use the funds to attend the Orange Conference this year. (Now, THAT’S mmm, mmm good!)

What cost saving ideas have you used? Have you lived on PB&J or made a radical road trip? We wanna know!
(Check out more savvy blogs from this Orange Specialist @impulsivejoy or follow her on Twitter @joybowen)

We’re taking a break for Thanksgiving to spend time with family and friends. We’re thankful for you! Feel free to check out featured posts or others on the blog that you haven’t read. We’ll catch up with you again next week…

Joy Bowen has a blast using her ministry experience to coach churches on how to have a greater impact with Orange. At a time when the church stands at a crossroads, she loves that Orange is a beacon of hope for change. Joy lives in Texas with her husband and two boys and she’s currently the only Orange specialist who can give you the inside scoop on the American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World.