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November Podcast – Matt McKee & Don Jones

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday November 9, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> November Podcast – Matt McKee & Don Jones

Ready for more free resources? No problem…we’re loaded with them! Here’s another one for you. This is a free podcast featuring an interview between Matt McKee and Don Jones. Don is the President of Champion Windows, and he knows a thing or two about influencing other people. That’s what we’re talking about this month in YouLead….Global Involvement….and how you can use your personal influence to impact the community around you as well as around the world. And Don is a great leader to learn from. There aren’t many business leaders who are willing to take on unions, but Don did it. His motivation was to provide for and protect his employees even better than their union could, so he leveraged his influence to accomplish just that. Listen to his story here (length: 16:37)….

This podcast is part of the PERSONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT section of YouLead. YouLead is a monthly leadership development curriculum that you can use in less than 20 minutes each week! Check it out here.

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