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REAL MINISTRY: Redeemer Church – "Pro-Family Culture"

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday October 27, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> REAL MINISTRY: Redeemer Church – "Pro-Family Culture"

We are now well into our series we launched earlier this month called “Real Ministry.” Each week we are checking in with one of four churches to find out how things are going within a particular aspect of the Orange strategy. If you missed the introduction to each of these church leaders, check them out here.

This week, it’s time to hear from Sam Luce at Redeemer Church in New York. We asked Sam to give us an update about how Redeeme is doing in the area of reactivating the family. Specifically, what is working to create a PRO-FAMILY CULTURE and what is still a challenge for them?

Redeemer Church Update – 1010 from Orange on Vimeo.

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