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Orange Tour- the State of Church and Family

Sue Miller
Sue Miller Monday October 25, 2010
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Some of our Orange staff are already in Phoenix, Arizona getting ready for tomorrow’s Orange Tour. Here are some notes about families by Sue Miller, reported by non-blogging friend Ron Hughey.

You’re the greatest thing that ever happened to me, Dad…..or not.

Ten new ways to raise your child – leads to “wow there’s ten new ways I am failing.

State of the Church and Family Report
• Barna Group
• Download at www.stateofthechurchandfamily.org
• Coupon code ot2011
• 50% of parents said that having children did not affect their connection to a church. Unchurched parents were less likely to report being affected (60%) but even churched parents (41%) said that children did not change their level of church engagement.
o Most just looking for “healthy and happy”
o Parents are not always clear how churches can help them as parents. Most common responses included advice and guidance ( 21%) and moral and emotional support (12%) few parents said that a church could help them receive biblical teaching or scriptural knowledge (5%)
o A lot of people show up but just aren’t engaged
o If everyone who came to your church in the last two years showed up this Sunday you would probably need two to three times more space
o People always over exaggerate their church attendance
o Why do so many people in our churches think that sporadic attendance is adequate? (conjecture in groups)
o Our guesses…
• They don’t know the purpose of regular attendance
• Its just on the to do list

***What clearer steps could you take to help parents become engaged with your ministry?

Slightly less than half of parents (45%) who have recently attended church said the leaders of the church have made the churches expectations of parents “very” clear.

It will take a strategy to reach parents

We want to create the kind of church unchurched people love to attend.
We are here to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
(Northpointe mission)

Reduced their entire family ministry strategy to the five values.

Try to reduce your entire family ministry strategy to a single sentence or a short paragraph.

What message are you sending parents?

You don’t want to go to everything your church does, you don’t even believe in everything your church does. You wouldn’t even be there if you weren’t on staff.

Sure people will leave but theres another church that will take them. They don’t have to go to heaven on your bus.

Sue is a leader, author, and gifted communicator. She joined the Orange team in 2005 after 17 years of leading Promiseland at Willow Creek Community Church. Sue was instrumental in leading the change process that grew Promiseland into a cutting edge ministry known around the world. At Orange, Sue travels extensively, feeding her passion to mentor leaders, inspire volunteers, and consult with churches that strive to partner with parents. Sue has recently authored two books alongside Adam Duckworth: "NotNormal — 7 Quirks of Incredible Volunteers" and "Leading Not Normal Volunteers."