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What was your WIN this weekend?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday September 20, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> What was your WIN this weekend?

A new family came this past weekend. They’d searched for some time to find a church they could call home. As their mom came to pick up their daughter she was overwhelmed to tears as her girl gave a huge hug to her small group leader. They found their home.


A Saturday night music volunteer coming back on Sunday just to make sure everything was covered. She was just one of several volunteers who went above and beyond in taking ownership of the ministry.


As I running up the stairs between services, I just happened to hear a child tell his mother, “I had SO much fun this morning!”


A child who we knew could be apprehensive going into large group came home saying he enjoyed it! He even answered a question during the lesson. This was a huge answer to prayer for parents and staff alike.


My own kids came home knowing a little more about making wise choices, treating others the way they want to be treated, and believing that they can trust God no matter what…. and I wasn’t their storyteller!


Like many of you, just a few weekends ago, we launched our new ministry year in Discovery Village. One of my main goals was for the kids to have FUN! Beyond that, we prayed that our kids would connect with their leaders and other kids in their groups. We prayed that they would get a taste of where we were taking them this year.

As we were sharing stories at our meeting this morning, I documented two pages of stories like the ones above that showed us without a doubt that God was at work in our ministry.

Sure our team is tired, but the stories we told and heard around the table this morning were a huge shot of adrenaline as we head into this coming week.

OK, so let’s hear them! What are some of your best moments from this past weekend? Comment below, and let’s celebrate what God is doing!

(Want to read more by Dan Scott- follow his blog! Or better yet, meet him and other leaders at the Orange Tour in Grand Rapids, MI this Thursday, September 23 at Dan’s home church– Ada Bible. It’s not too late- find more information here.)

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