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Why we do what we do

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Orange Leaders Wednesday August 25, 2010
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It’s that time of year– back to school– which means for many churches around the country- a time of transition and promotion. A time to ramp up and recruit, to re-cast vision for our ministries. This post by a great Orange thinker is a powerful reminder in such a busy time about WHY we do what we do each week and why we have such high hopes for this next year. Instead of camp, picture your ministry and your response if a child asks you this question.

The night before I left for Camp KidJam, my family and I were talking at the diner table. Liam asked, “Dad, who’s the most important person at KidJam?”

I didn’t really know how to answer. I said something about the camp director, my boss while I’m at camp. I mentioned something about how we all are important, that if one person wasn’t there, the whole camp wouldn’t happen.

Jenna (my wife), in her wisdom, spoke up. She said.

“Well, other than God, the most important person at camp is that little boy or little girl who doesn’t know Jesus yet.”

Of course, that’s the answer.

We do what we do not for us but for each child who walks through the doors. We don’t know all of their stories, where they are are at in their journey with God. Those kids are why we do what we do.

I pray that I don’t lose that focus this week, this year. I pray that God meets each child and brings them further along in their journey of knowing Him and the power of his Son.

ps. Thanks, Jenna, for the reminder about who is the most important.

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