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Introducing MarriedPeople

Betsy Garrett
Betsy Garrett Monday August 16, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> Introducing MarriedPeople

No, we’re not introducing you to a specific couple. We are announcing the upcoming launch of a new organization that is part of the reThink family. It’s called MarriedPeople, and it won’t just take your marriage ministry to another level. Nope. It’s going to flip it upside down and turn it inside out.

MarriedPeople is founded and led by Ted Lowe. Ted is one amazing person. Personally, I’ve worked side by side with him for several years, and I’m also thrilled to call him my friend. He and his wife, Nancie, have a heart for figuring out how to enrich marriages. And one of the best ways to do this is by partnering with the church (sound familiar?).

So Ted is working with reThink to launch MarriedPeople to do just that. They are creating resources to equip churches to invest in couples and families. But these resources aren’t just books and small group studies….that’s not Ted’s style. He’s filled with great ideas that will actually engage the couples you minister to. You’ll be able to host top notch events, provide online evaluation tools, create your own destination web site with your church’s branding for married adults, and SO much more.

The first phase of MarriedPeople will launch early this Fall. So stay tuned for more updates. Between now and then, check out this amazing video about why Ted and Nancie stepped into this great adventure:

MarriedPeople Intro from Orange on Vimeo.