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CONNECTION POINT: Connecting with Student Ministry Parents – Part 2

Betsy Garrett
Betsy Garrett Friday August 6, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> CONNECTION POINT: Connecting with Student Ministry Parents – Part 2


For those of you who work with high school students, we know that it can be a challenge to find a way to connect with their parents. So we’re giving you an easy solution. This is the second of a three part series about stuff for college freshman. Feel free to send this on to the parents of your recent grads as a way to keep the communication open (or send this to the small group leaders of these students, and have them forward it on to the parents). And you’re welcome to take the credit for coming up with the list too….no worries about that.

Check out Part 1 (STUFF TO PACK FOR COLLEGE) if you missed it.

So, for the second installment, here is a short list of items that you might want to ask some questions about before you invest in them. Some colleges might not have any problem with these but some schools might not permit them. So do your fact-finding before you get into trouble.


These are very tempting to tow off to school so that you can stay powered up and plugged in. They can present a fire hazard if not used properly, so some colleges just avoid that possibility altogether by not allowing them in dorms rooms for any reason.

As a student living in tight quarters, you might be glad that your school doesn’t permit your roommate to have the hot plate and portable fryer he’ll use to whip up a greasy meal in the middle of the night. Most schools have a lobby or kitchen with a full-sized fridge, microwave, and oven and stove that all the students in the building can use. So you’ll still be able to pop all the popcorn you’ll need to make it through your all-nighters.

This is not something that most students think about ahead of time. But it’s good to know that you’ll be fined at the end of the semester if you leave your room with chipped paint or nail holes in the walls from hanging your posters or other wall décor. There are lots of options of hangers and adhesives that don’t hurt paint, so stock up on those before you pack up.