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Orange Leaders Monday July 19, 2010
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My name is Jenn, and I am a workaholic.

We are all a bit guilty of being like this at some point in time. But what if it’s your norm? Being in ministry doesn’t help. In my world, ministry basically has two seasons: busy and busier. We all know the argument. But what if in our busyness we fail to take time to rest?

Do we really manage to accomplish more?

I have done the 60-hour work week and the 14-days-straight work stint and, quite frankly, it stinks! At the end of it all, I’m stressed, short-fused, and often sick. I know I need to take time to rest, but it takes discipline.

When God created heaven and earth and his work was done, he didn’t just press on with his next project. He took time to rest. He took time to reflect and enjoy. When Jesus walked with us, he modeled rest too.

When I rest, I’m more energized, more balanced and more focused. God knows what we need to not burn out! This rest thing is more of his infinite wisdom shining through.

Each day, I do my very best to carve out time with God- so I can reflect and connect with Him. Each week, I intentionally take one day to totally unplug from all things work-related… with zero guilt.

Can you relate? Do you struggle with working non-stop in the name of ministry? What reminds you to take time to rest?

Jenn Bailey is an Orange Leader directing the Children’s Ministry at Connexus Community Church in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Visit www.connexuscommunity.com or follow her on Twitter: @jennbailey12. (Flickr image uploaded by fdecomite)

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